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Let's talk French!

by attending our free French language meeting called "La langue de Molière autour d'un verre"


"La langue de Molière autour d'un verre" is a free French language meeting organized by a holder of a degree from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Geneva. We meet every Thursday, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., in a café located in the town centre of Geneva. You pay only what you drink in the cafe. Sometimes we go to a restaurant and during the summer we eat some ice-creams. The place could change from time to time but you will practise French and you will meet interesting people.

If you have some problems to explain something, we can help you with grammar points and, if necessary, we can help you in English, as far as possible, to explain/translate something important.

You are welcome if:

1) You have an intermediate level.

2) You are almost a beginner and you're taking now intensive courses in French.

3) You speak very well French (level C1) or you are a native French speaker and you wish to meet other francophones and you like helping other people to improve their French.

This activity is organized by Jaime Vladimir Torres-Heredia Julca.

NEW: The number of participants is limited from now on!

For the moment we can host a maximum of 4 people who are learning French (levels A2-B2).

If you speak very well French (at least level C1) or you are a native French speaker, you can join us at any moment.

For the next meeting there 4 places left. Contact us soon to book a place!

Next Meeting:

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For further information and/or book a place , please, write at info@interknowsys.com

Phone number: 076-504.89.55

If you are a member of the InterKnowSys Network, click here to register!.

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